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Priority Management

Priority Management Southeast Florida

Priority Management is a global training organization with 55 offices around the world and over 30 years experience in the delivery of a unique technology-driven approach to time and workload management.
We have trained over 2 million people in thousands of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 to medium and small enterprises, non-profit and government organizations.

In our flagship Working Sm@rt courses, we combine our proven productivity processes and best practices with the functionality within Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, iPhone and iPad, Google Apps and/or Blackberry to significantly increase individual and team productivity and effectiveness.

In our latest post-training evaluations, delegates reported that, on average, they gained more than one hour a day of additional productivity due to Priority Management.

We look forward to learning more about your training needs and tailoring our programs to make them specific to your unique environment or organization.

Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook

Take control and make Outlook work harder for you. Learn how to use it to help you become a powerhouse of productivity.

For more information contact your local associate here .

Or you can learn more at our global site here .


***NEWS UPDATE*** Our first series of Lunch and Learn events, held in Miami and Fort Lauderdale were a great success and we are very grateful to all those who attended. We can also deliver these excellent, one hour presentations in-house for your key management personnel. Not only will they learn about our program, they will also receive tips and techniques that will improve their productivity immediately. Please call us to arrange a session. It is free and without obligation.

Do you use Microsoft Outlook? Want to know what over 1,000 Microsoft employees have learned since August 1999? Let us teach you how to utilize Outlook as the organizational tool it was designed to be. Over 10,000 people worldwide have taken part in this workshop, learning a "process" to utilize Outlook to maximize their productivity! We also offer the same productivity benefits for Lotus Notes, Google Apps and Groupwise.

We would like to thank the 100 HR and training professionals from around the region that assisted us with our research project to ensure that our programs are tailored for the local market.