Is Your Smartphone Really Smart?

7 ways to make it work for you …

According to a recent Nokia survey, people check their mobile phones about 150 times a day. That's once every 6½ minutes while awake. Add this to interruptions from emails, internal and external calls and drop in visitors, when do you get the time to focus on the important?

At Priority Management, we understand the key role mobile devices play in 2013. We recognise the increase in use of iPhones, iPads, Android phones BlackBerry devices and others can be putting extra pressure on your time.

Here are 7 things you can do to ensure you are charge of your smartphone or tablet.
1.Do you really need to be alerted every time any email or a Facebook update arrives? Try turning off unnecessary alerts and reminders on your smartphone
2.Ensure the Apps you regularly use are at your fingertips. Move them and either hide or delete unnecessary apps.
3.Use Word Substitution or Shortcuts to save typing phrases or words you use regularly on your phone. This will not only save you time but help avoid embarrassing typos.
4.Put your phone/tablet in “flight mode” when in meetings. Not only will this cut down on interruptions it will also save your battery life.
5.Have a consistent way on managing things you need to follow up on when you are out of the office. There are few things more annoying than telling someone you’ll get back to them after the meeting only to remember at 3.00am the next morning.
6.Ensure your desktop applications like Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Apps etc is set up to reflect the way you want your smartphone to work for you.
7.Consider turning it off! You can even set this up to happen automatically on some smart phones.

Our Working Smart training suite will teach you how you can make both your mobile and desktop tools work for you!

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