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For more than 30 years, we've provided best practice training in business skills to corporations and individuals here in New Zealand and around the globe. We offer unique, world-class training onsite at your premises and at our Wellington and Auckland locations.

Experience consistent, immediate results that impact the way you work from the moment you finish a workshop.

We are dedicated to changing the way people work by giving corporations, teams and individuals the tools to be more successful and to be better at what they do every day.

Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook

Take control and make Outlook work harder for you. Learn how to use it to help you become a powerhouse of productivity.

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Ask about our new ''Working Sm@rt with Microsoft TEAMS'' programme. TEAMS is the new communication and collaboration hub for Office 365. We can help your teams to uncover the true benefits of this application and increase team productivity and effectiveness.


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Meetings Matters
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Virtual Teams

All successful virtual teams have three common characteristics and there are a number of strategies leaders can employ to develop these attributes in their teams.