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Turning your intentions into actions

If you are serious about wanting to do something different to enhance your career or life satisfaction, look first to the behavior, beliefs and values that will impact not only your own effectiveness but also the effectiveness of the people around you. We have over a million clients around the world and each year the great majority make balance and control their number one goal. So here goes with some timely advice.

If you really want to live a more balanced life, start by looking at the choices you are making. Resolve today to stop blaming others or circumstances for a lack of balance and instead, look within yourself first and decide what it is you really want out of life. Be realistic - if you set out to change the whole world this month you will fail. Instead, commit to do just one thing this week or weekend to put balance back on the agenda. Call a friend, buy a book, sign up for that course you've been putting off - just one thing this week and one next week and guess what - you'll have done 52 new things this year and turned your intentions into actions.

Don't ask for the impossible from your colleagues or from the people you love. Rather, give them the time, resources, skills, and support to get the work done properly.

Finally, make this the year that you design a life to live in keeping with your values and beliefs. Remember to make your changes incremental, and we will do our bit to supply you with thoughtful advice each month.