When Is Your Best Time?

Focus on the important work at your best time in the day!

Often workers get caught up in doing whatever job is presented in front of them and sometimes end up working on other people’s priorities at the expense of our own. Or they find themselves trying to execute high level work at a time when they are not physically, emotionally or intellectually charged.

Some of us are “morning people”, whilst some of us are “afternoon people” – this relates to your natural biorhythm, a recurring cycle of biological processes that affect your emotional, intellectual and physical activity.

A good habit to get into is to identify your natural rhythm and schedule at least 1 hour per day in your diary to work on your important stuff or project work.
By doing this you are actually prioritising to work on some of your longer term big ticket items. This should result in you gaining greater value and seeing them finalised in a timely manner rather than completing them at the last minute.

This behavioural change will require a level of commitment and discipline as it is easy to get caught up with day to day activities and ignore the time you have set aside to work on these projects.

If you don’t get this hour every day don’t be disappointed as there will be times when crisis drop into your day and you will need to attend to them – let’s hope this is the exception to the norm!

Remember to “Keep the process alive”!