Working Smart 365 launched

When Priority Management finally made the decision to say good-bye to The Priority Manager programme the decision wasn’t easy. After all, this was the original programme that took the world by storm 30 years ago and made Priority Management an international name almost overnight. Rather than just let it fade away we decided that we needed to have a replacement, and not just any old replacement, but a new programme that will hopefully be around for the next 30 years.

With Working Smart 365 we have stepped slightly away from our normal approach to time management by developing a non tool specific time management programme. Applying process to tool has always been Priority Management’s key point of difference and the reason we get better results than any-one else. So, as you can imagine, this was not approached lightly and Dan Stamp (founder of Priority Management) himself was a key part of the global development team that put this programme together. With more companies adopting a ‘bring your own device’ approach we wanted a programme that could provide our clients with an exceptional time management experience applicable to any-one, with any device. Working Smart 365 also gives us the opportunity to dig deeper in to the behavioural aspects of time management to ensure that the processes learned will last a lifetime.

Working Sm@rt 365 is based on Priority Management’s successful processes, best practices and behaviours, and also introduces two new models: The Working Sm@rt 365 Model and The Priority Workflow Model.

While the tool is still an essential part of the Productivity Formula and the use is addressed with each process, a specific ‘TechTool’ is not taught in this program.

Working Sm@rt 365 sets the stage by focusing on the participant’s big picture – their work/life value, their role, KPI’s and priorities and then helps them build their stepping stones for achieving success. This is accomplished by helping students recognise their stumbling blocks and then by learning the skills, competencies and behaviours to overcome them. The ability to effectively use this knowledge is underpinned by the critical attribute of success: being a self-leader.

Working Smart 365 provides a project planning approach to setting, measuring and achieving your personal, professional, and organisational goals.

Priority Management is very proud to announce the arrival of Working Smart 365.