Sneak Peak of Outlook 2013

Get ready for Office 2013 and in particular Outlook 2013. I know some of you have just made the leap from 2003 to 2010 and probably have noticed a huge difference in how Outlook works. Well, Microsoft is getting ready for its release of Office 2013 and they promise that it is going to be bigger and better with great integration.

Some of the features you will see in Outlook 2013 will be:

•A greater integration between Outlook and all other office suites.
•If you already have another version of Outlook installed, Outlook 2013 will import all the settings and data from it.
•‘Peeks’, - here you will be able to preview and switch between menus such as Calendar, Contacts, Tasks faster just by hovering over them and not having to click on them.
•Outlook 2013 have introduced ‘cupboards’, just like at home you can get rid of those things that you feel are creating clutter – like your ribbons.
•The ability to create customised apps for yourself or company.
•Outlook 2013 will have a weather forecast built into the Calendar with a choice of multiple locations in your ‘shortlist’.
•Hotmail accounts can be added without the need for plugins.
•Third party webmail services can also be configured for Outlook 2013 without any plugins.
•Outlook will now have integration with social networks out of the box.
•Outlook 2013 will now have a feature called ‘People Card’, where you will be able to track full activity of a Contact in a single place.

As you can see, Microsoft have been working hard to make Outlook 2013 an integrated product with social media and other applications. As we get closer to its official full release I will give you more tips and tricks into this new product.

Until then enjoy your current version and remember to be effective in your job, it is more about how you manage yourself and your priorities, not what flashy things your tool can do.