Do You Operate Above or Below The Line

Do you operate ‘Above’ or ‘Below’ the Line?

Since one of our articles focuses on being Happier at work, I have decided to focus my tip around that.

My tip relates to ‘Blaming’. I would like to talk about some principles around taking personal responsibility and accountability versus blaming. In this model, Behaviour is seen as ‘Above the Line’ where individuals take steps to accountability and personal responsibility – they see a problem, own it, try and solve it and just get in and do it; and ‘Below the Line’, is more about Blaming, Ignoring, Not my job and at worst case, even denying.

When you see a problem or make a mistake and decide to operate above the line and take personal responsibility it is actually quite empowering as you remove yourself from being a victim in this situation. You take control and accountability and look at things you can do to solve it or at least learn from it for next time.

If you constantly blame others or try to justify problems, you are in fact operating as a victim and in turn relinquishing responsibility, often leading to feelings of frustration, disempowerment and negativity. Often people who consistently operate below the line are not very happy people and are constantly trying to recruit others to join them down in the dark negative circles of blame and denial.

So next time you are facing a problem or difficult situation that you don’t feel in control of, rather than looking for someone or something to blame it on, ask yourself; what can I do to turn this around? Now you may not be able to control the whole situation, but go on to ask yourself; what part of this situation can I take personal responsibility for and change? You will feel much better about yourself and in turn much happier!