Search all folders at once in Outlook 2010

Search all your locations in one click, including your Archives, in Outlook 2010

Rather than searching your Mailbox and then searching your Archive or Personal folders separately, you can search them all in one go, as long as your settings are correct. See below for instructions to ensure this is happening in your Outlook 2010.

In your Inbox, click in the search area at the top of your Inbox that says, Search Inbox (Ctrl + E)

You should now see your ‘Search’ ribbon appear – click on Search Tools

Now click on 'Locations to Search'

You should now see a list of all your Mailboxes including any Archive or Personal Folders

If you want Outlook to search all of them, ensure that they are all ticked.

So next time to you go to search and type a word in the search area, Outlook will go and search all your mailboxes in the one search. A great time saver for the busy searcher!