Typing shortcuts on iPad and iPhone

Save time using ‘Typing Shortcuts’ in your iPad / iPhone

Shortcuts on iPad and iPhone (iOS5 and later) gives you the opportunity to create custom typing shortcuts. This allows you to make the process of typing much easier by creating custom key commands to enter long or frequently used words, sentences, codes or links.

To create a shortcut, see below:

On your iPad go to ‘Settings’
Now tap on ‘General’
Scroll down and tap on ‘Keyboard’
Now tap on ‘Add New Shortcut’
Type your words or phrase in the top row where it says ‘Phrase’
Type your shortcut code (2 – 3 letters)

Next time you are in an email or text message, type your shortcut code and the full words or phrase will appear. Once you see the words or phrase appear, click the space bar or enter key and the words/phrase will be entered into your email/text message.