Influencing tip

Have you ever had a time when you were convinced that you had influenced someone, only for them to do the opposite, or go back on what you had agreed?

Many people think that to influence another it all has to happen in one conversation. However, most of the influencing process takes place in the other person’s head after your conversation.

Therefore, effective influencers need to sow provocative seeds of thought by asking questions seeded with their ideas that they know will germinate in the heads of others. In this way, the person being influenced believes that they have reached the conclusion by themselves and can justify their decision without feeling coerced.

Influencing is not about "leading a horse to water and making them drink". Influencing is about "making the horse thirsty" and then conveniently having the bucket of water available.
Next time you are in an influencing situation, don’t try to ‘win’ the argument, but rather work out what seeds you need to sow to get the outcome you seek.