iPad and iPhone take off with Priority Management

On July 11th 2012, at the global headquarters of Priority Management, the next generation of workload and time management products were released to the market place.

Building on over 30 years of experience in applying best practice process to major time management tools, originally with our diary based Priority Manager programme and more recently Working Sm@rt with Outlook / Lotus Notes / GroupWise / Gmail, Priority Management has taken steps to leverage the latest technical innovations in the mobile marketplace.

Popular usage is turning more and more towards iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, and companies are moving with this trend. With each new generation of iOS, the iPhone and iPad are better adapting to business needs.

With the release of iOS 5 in late 2011, these new devices now connect with Outlook Tasks and Lotus Notes To-Do’s thus providing a total time management solution. Email is elegant and strong, calendaring more intuitive, and contacts more relevant.

Dan Stamp, Chairman and founder of Priority Management states, “With the influx of the latest generation of mobile products, it was critical for Priority Management to develop a product to further leverage the foundation we have built in the marketplace. We feel this program will improve productivity for all who take it.”

If you or your Company has, or is thinking of, investing in these tools and would like to leverage their true potential, we would be happy to talk to you about your requirements.