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Are your projects delivering?

In a world where “on time and on budget” have become a myth, more people are realising the need for training in Project Planning.

Project Planning Breakthroughs is a 2-day hands-on workshop providing your team with a proven methodology, that allows people to:

- Easily work out complex task dependencies

- Clarify scope and performance criteria with stakeholders

- Plan with resources in mind so as not to overload them

- Calculate a detailed Budget and Cash Requirement Projection

Imagine achieving the above using methods that can be immediately applied back in the office with all team members - even if they have no prior project experience.

Learn more about our Project Planning Breakthroughs program.

For more information contact Andy or call us on (08) 9315 1044

Are your customers happy with you?

Do you know the important interactions in your business that can make or break a relationship with your customers?

Do you know the Moments of Truth that your customers will measure your business on?

Are you confident that your staff can positively respond to complaints?

Do you want to create an army of Raving Fans?

Learn more about our Customer Service Breakthroughs program.

Our Public Workshops

For those of our customers who want to get hands-on experience of our programs we hold public workshops throughout the year.

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Are you getting value from your time?

You're an information worker but when were you taught to manage, organise and deal with this much information?

You have the tools - now get the skills.

Call us on 9315 1044 and we will organise the right program to help you get control of your time and on top of your information.