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We are delighted to now offer you the option of booking and paying online for all workshops held in South Australia and across Australia. You will get immediate confirmation that the workshop you require is available!

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Time Management is critical in today's workplace, Priority Management specialise in providing Time Management, Workload Management, Project Management and Communication training to improve workplace productivity, reduce stress and improve performance.

Priority Management is the leader in productivity training delivering an average 13% increase in productivity, 42% reduction in stress, 56% improvement in Managing Email and saving our course graduates an average of 61 minutes per day.

Time Management courses by Priority Management are offered as public courses and we also have the ability to train in-house at your workplace so are perfectly suited to assist the smallest organisation through to the largest

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Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook

Take control and make Outlook work harder for you. Learn how to use it to help you become a powerhouse of productivity.

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Are you getting value from your time?

Is your desk teeming with technology, but all you seem to be doing is reacting to emails?

You're an information worker but when were you taught to manage, organise and deal with this much information?

You have the tools, now get the skills.

Give us a call and we will organise the right program to help you get control of your time and on top of information.

Contact us to review your training needs with one of our local experts!