Bringing Your Own Computer to Working Smart Training

Bringing Your Own Computer to Working Smart Training

Participants in Working Smart Workshops have access to a training computer.

Subject to prior arrangement, you are welcome to bring your laptop computer to Working Smart training. This would enable you to reconfigure your own computer during the workshop to maximise the training benefits.

To ensure there are no challenges that will negatively impact on your learning experience, please note the following:

• You need to be able to operate Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise etc in “offline” mode. It is essential you can access your Calendar, Contacts, Inbox and Tasks/ToDos when offline. If you are uncertain, check this is possible when you are not connected to your Network. If there are any challenges with this, you would need to discuss this with your Help Desk or System Administrator.

• Please arrive at least fifteen minutes before the workshop start time to set up the computer in the training room.

• It is highly unlikely an internet connection will available … this will have no negative impact with the training experience.

Subject to the way to computer is set up:
• It is likely you won’t be able to create email rules during the workshop;

• Some reconfiguring may need to be reset when you log into your network.