Just how productive is your day?

Have you ever considered how much time you spend on unproductive tasks on a daily basis? More importantly, how much time you could get back each day if you knew how? At Priority, we have created a tool that will give you the answers to these questions and more. Take the Productivity Challenge here.


Results that speak for themselves

Over 2 million graduates and counting.

Our graduates are eager to share their views on the training we have given and form part of the reporting we produce for each deployment.

  • "Priority Management have helped me retain better focus and control over my deliverables with less effort, stress and pain"

    Philip Benton,
    Managing Director
    Radius Computer Services Ltd.

  • "The class I took was almost two years ago and I have to tell you that it's the best thing that happened to me! It's made my life so much easier. I previously used a hard copy to-do list and the TaskPad has made a world of difference. Thanks, again, for your help. You're the best!!"

    Donna Norvilas,
    Government and Public Affairs
    BP America Inc.

  • "When I took this course I had a very busy schedule and not enough time to complete my everyday responsibilities. I was having difficulty trying to get organized and get away from the post-it-note syndrome. Since I have taken this course, I have found that my organizational skills have improved tremendously."

    Bell Atlantic.

  • "The Priority Influencing program is packed full of sensible, useable information. I notice I am using the skills I learnt and they are now becoming part of my daily practice in all areas of life. This program is valuable for all relationship building, personal, family work place and for professional advancement."

    International Educator, Profiler, Professional Speaker
    Sylvia Marina & Associates.

  • "I found the program to be a rewarding experience that has enhanced understanding of effective communication techniques. It has opened my eyes to a new set of skills that I've already found useful in both my work and home life and look forward to the developing further. I would recommend the Priority course to others who develop their abilities in these areas."

    Operations Manager
    Marc Environmental.

  • "I expected to learn how to make better use of Lotus Notes. I came away with a whole new framework for managing the information that crosses my desk each day. Not only have I freed up an hour a day of work time, I have significantly reduced my "mind traffic" with a single consolidated to-do list and a mechanism to get back information when I need it. Priority Management have some great tools that will put you back in control of your day."

    Team Leader
    Western Power.

  • "Thank you, for an excellent workshop. "Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook" has been one of the most popular classes we've offered at the Association. It always fills up immediately and feedback from participants is overwhelmingly positive. Having taken the course myself, I can vouch for its ability to help move from using Outlook as simply a tool for answering email, to a vehicle for managing time and priorities. It's a great program and we're looking forward to continuing to offer it to our staff."

    Director, Training and Development,

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