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Coworkers in background Behind Unhappy Businesswoman In Office

The Hidden Challenges of Remote and Hybrid Working: Negative Impacts on Teamwork

As remote and hybrid working models become increasingly popular in modern workplaces, there is a growing awareness of their positive aspects, however we still need to be aware of potential pitfalls.

Male speaker giving presentation workshop

The Power of Face-to-Face Training: Unveiling the Advantages

Explore the unique benefits of live training and why it continues to be a valuable asset in the realm of education and professional development.

business people of all ages standing on in front of a gray wall background

Embracing Diversity: Understanding the Differences Between Generations

There are significant differences between generations, but embracing this diversity can lead to a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Aug 23 - Diverse businesspeople smiling cheerfully during an office meeting

The Impact of Millennials and Gen Z in the Workplace

Explore the positive impact of millennials and Gen Z in the workplace and how organizations can harness their potential to thrive in this new era.

Remote work using a laptop computer via video call

Enhancing Success in Hybrid Work

The rise of hybrid working models has brought about a fundamental shift in how organizations operate. Explore the crucial role of performance management and performance metrics.

young woman sitting at desk using laptop at home

Navigating the Evolving Work Ethic in 2023

The year 2023 has witnessed a significant transformation in the global workforce, leading to a shift in the traditional work ethic.

Thoughtful young female boss team leader looking at Kanban board

Effective Goal Setting - Accomplishing More

In today's fast-paced world, setting and achieving goals is crucial for personal and professional success. However, simply setting goals is not enough.

Colleagues listening to businessman in meeting

Strategies for Effective Decision-Making in Leadership Roles

In the dynamic world of leadership, decision-making is a critical skill that can significantly impact the success and growth of individuals and organizations.

Close-up of business team brainstorming while working on mind map

The Importance of Reviewing and Adjusting Your Long-Term Plans

While many individuals diligently review and adjust their daily plans, they often overlook the significance of regularly reviewing and adjusting their long-term plans.

Two businesswomen having a discussion while looking at a laptop screen

Supporting Your Employees: Key Strategies for Building a Thriving Workforce

In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, supporting your employees is crucial for fostering a positive work environment, boosting productivity, and retaining top talent.

Woman working on laptop online

The Power of Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose

Dive into the key elements that drive exceptional performance. Empower your team, foster growth, and ignite passion. Elevate your leadership and unlock true potential.

Businessman talking to team of colleagues on video call

Mastering Hybrid Work: HR Strategies for Success

Discover essential HR strategies to thrive in the hybrid work era. From seamless remote onboarding to fostering employee well-being and leveraging virtual collaboration tools, unlock the potential of your workforce in this evolving work landscape.

Calm man meditating with closed eyes in front of laptop pc at home

From Inbox Chaos to Zen

Managing emails effectively is crucial for productivity and overall well-being. With the ever-increasing volume of emails, it's easy to get overwhelmed and spend more time managing your inbox than doing actual work.

Successful Businesswoman Working in Office

What to Stop Doing. Solutions for Time-Wasting Processes in Your Organization

Are time-wasting processes bogging down your organization's productivity? Discover actionable steps to optimize your meetings, prioritize your tasks, manage your emails, streamline your workflow, and enhance team communication.

Businesswoman checking the time on watch

7 Tips to Effective Time Management for Busy Professionals

Effective time management is crucial in today's fast-paced world, where professionals are faced with an overwhelming to-do list and increasing workloads. The ability to prioritize tasks, increase productivity, and reduce stress is essential for success.

Multiethnic business team in meeting at modern board room

Creating a Modern Workplace with a Multi-Generational Team

Managing a multi-generational workforce can be challenging due to differences in communication, technology, and hybrid work preferences. Aligning staff and investing in learning opportunities can help organizations create a modern and inclusive workplace.

Multi generational group of people with their hands in the middle of a circle

How to Use Generational Differences to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

Age diversity in the workforce brings both benefits and challenges. Business leaders can improve employee engagement and retention by embracing inclusivity, building resilience, and harnessing generational differences.

businesswoman standing with her colleagues writing ideas on sticky notes over glass wall

PDU Points Courses and Why They Are Important

In today's competitive job market and rapidly changing business environment, a PMP certification can make a significant difference in advancing one's career and ensuring organizational success.

Exhausted young businessman at work

Stop the Email Nightmare. Use Microsoft Teams for Improved Efficiency.

Email still has its time and place for specific interactions, but other forms of digital correspondence are more efficient than hitting send on your umpteenth email of the day.

Shot of a group of businesspeople clapping hands during a conference

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing a Training Provider

Choosing the right training partner is crucial for an organization's L&D success. To maximize your ROI, focus on three key factors: efficacy, trust, and foresight. These elements will help ensure that your training investment is effective, trustworthy, and forward-thinking.

two colleagues fist bump at their desk

Building an Inclusive Organisation & Why It Matters

DEI is a popular term that not everyone understands. It refers to diversity, equality, and inclusion, each contributing to the overall concept. Inclusivity is vital for modern organizations.

Person working from home learning at her laptop

Continuous Improvements for Employees

Countless approaches fall under the “workplace goal-setting” paradigm, but there is one that is a little different than the rest: continuous improvements.

Man stressed while working on laptop at home

Manage Work Stress by Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life

When you are constantly inundated by professional strain and your schedule is perpetually hectic, it’s time to step back and take a hard look at your work-life balance.

Team sitting down in the office discussing

Two Guiding Principles that Drive Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace

How can an organization encourage engagement when workers are physically disconnected from each other, management, and a shared material space that shapes company identity?

Concentrated woman making plan on sticky notes

Seven Signs of Highly-Productive Employees

High-performing employees are the backbone of a successful organization. Supervisors need not worry when a high performer is on the case; their superior skills will carry them through the project with flying colours.

Team of businesspeople smiling at the camera in a boardroom

Creating an Effective Cross-Cultural Training Program

As more organizations expand their global footprint, cross-cultural training has become increasingly important. In the most basic sense, cross-cultural training teaches individuals how to interact effectively with those from other cultures.

Jan 23 - Team at work in an office

Responding to Changes in the Employment Market

The question for business leaders is what are the best methods for responding to changes in the employment market? To answer that, let’s take a look at the recent events that led to this point and proven tactics to help weather the storm of the coming uncertain months.

Business people negotiating at boardroom behind closed doors

Are Too Many Meetings Unproductive?

You glance at your schedule, and it is chock-a-block full of meetings. You understandably wonder, Is this time well spent?

Manager and worker going over documents on a desk

Managing Resistance Change

A perennial problem for businesses is employee resistance to change. Since change is unavoidable in today’s fickle economy, leaders must carefully design and implement their change initiatives.

Worried beard man looking at computer screen in office

Signs Your Team is Not Successfully Prioritizing

Prioritizing is an essential skill for success in any field. Here are four signs your team is not successfully prioritizing. We explain how prioritization can rectify each problem.

Young businesswoman smiling with coworkers sitting in the background

Four Tips on Transitioning from Corporate to Business Owner

Flexibility is crucial to successfully transitioning from corporate to business owner. Taking the plunge and leaving a corporate job to run your own business takes courage.

Finance dashboard with financial charts and data graphs, business intelligence

Four Steps to Making Data-Driven Business Decisions

Most businesses are well aware of leveraging data for smart business decisions, many business leaders and managers struggle with data management and analysis best practices.

Businessman Working On Computer

Improving and Tracking Remote Employee Training

Training employees is not just about teaching skills. It takes up valuable time and it’s imperative to see a positive return on your training investment.

Kids playing with Father while on an Online Meeting

Six Tips on How to Prioritize for Control Over Your Working (and Life)

Prioritizing is not just about creating to-do lists and crossing off items, it’s about having control over your responsibilities.

Looking through a Magnifying glass at a computer screen Smaller

Needle In A Haystack: Beating The Filing And Finding Trap

It is generally agreed that the less time we can spend filing, the better – as long as we can still find things.

Close up view of hourglass measuring time on wooden table

Five Steps to Help Employees with Time Management

A smart manager will develop a time management improvement initiative to guide their team. Such an undertaking should include these five steps to help employees with time management.

Businessman feeling stressed working in coffee shop

Three Simple Ways to Solve Employee Retention Challenges

Avoid the pitfalls of employee turnover and maintain a strong workforce. We examine three core employee retention challenges and easy, cost-effective solutions to overcome them.

Close up alarm clock, Young woman using laptop in the morning and on bed

Employee Wellness: Time Management for Improved Work-Life Balance

There is a long list of issues tied to employee wellbeing. Here we review one aspect: time management for improved work-life balance.

Team of smiling executives forming hand stack

The Future of Work Is the Employee Experience

Employees have felt the disruption. So how do business leaders manage both the workplace changes and workers’ adaptation to them?

Three business people in the office working together

Why More Employee Engagement Doesn't Mean Better Productivity

Employers are scrambling as they work to create a better workplace culture to keep high-performing employees and attract new ones.

Millennial black businesswoman corporate business meeting

When Communication Is At Its Best, So Is Innovation

Now is the time when many leaders are looking into the future, deciding where to invest their valuable time and resources.

boss dissatisfied with report

Why Being Blunt With Your Team Is Actually A Good Thing

Being direct doesn’t mean being harsh, it means being honest. It doesn’t mean being confrontational or abrasive, it means being clear.

colleagues discussing business ideas

Five Steps To Great Workplace Communication

Communication has always been key. Leveraging appropriate tools and processes will foster productivity and well-being.

Happy mixed race girl listening to educational webinar

Do You Still Use Email To Collaborate With Other Companies? Here’s Why That’s A Mistake.

New technology such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom can help build better interactions than ever before.

Please be quiet, I have an important business call

Three Effective Strategies To Improve Your Work-Life Happiness In 2022

Transitioning from work-life integration to work-life balance, allowing to have both your personal and professional lives co-exist equally.

Business woman presenting her idea to working team

How Leaders Can Reimagine Productivity With Radical Transparency

In a dispersed workforce where teams are distributed in location, skillset and often across organizations, the challenge isn’t producing great work.

Exhausted young businessman at work

Discover The Top 5 Reasons Workers Want To Quit Their Jobs

We're no longer in a crazy time. We're in new times, which calls for new rules of engagement when attracting talent.

Smiling Asian businesswoman with African American colleague fists bump

The 5 Languages Of Appreciation At Work

There may very well be a sixth or seventh, but these five seem to cover 95% of the territory and, after all, five is a number that our minds can easily remember.

Cheerful young woman having video call on computer with friends

Improve Your Communication Skills With The “Bridge And Tunnel” Method

A take on the past meaning of a phrase, turned into something positive and constructive.

Pleased caucasian relaxed student sits crossed legs on floor near opened laptop

How Hybrid Work Can Support Employee Mental Health and Increase Retention

Here's why hybrid work is so in demand--and how you can find the right model for your business.

Online Video Conference Social Distancing Business Meeting stock photo

Leadership Strategies In The Digital World

Top-down hierarchical business structures are a thing of the past and being a great leader is no longer just about qualifications and experience.

Business woman making video call and showing thumb up to laptop on the online briefing

Six Secrets Of More Productive Meetings

Over two-thirds (67%) said that spending too much time in meetings and on calls distracted them from making an impact at work.

Group of colleagues celebrating success

Five Best Practices For Fostering An Employee-Centric Culture

What can companies do to ensure that their culture is one that has employees jumping out of bed excited to get to work?

businessman using laptop device by the pool

The Value Of Intermittent Productivity In Creating A Resilient Workforce

The workforce is a fragile ecosystem of interdependencies in pursuit of common goals. This new way of working has given an opportunity to figure out what works best.

Confident male leader, coach talking with group of office workers

How To Create A Lasting Culture Using The Three C's Of Credibility

Credibility research has demonstrated that people subconsciously judge the credibility of people by looking for these three things. The best leaders possess all three traits.

Smiling woman in headset have inline educational course

How To Deepen Your Client Relationships

Having a deep and meaningful relationship with your clients is crucial–especially right now.

Diverse office colleagues laughing together during a meeting

Using Purpose To Motivate Long-Term Productivity

Maintaining new trendy habits to increase productivity don’t always last. Focusing on actions rather than emotion and purpose are the downfall.

Team leader sharing ideas with colleagues in meeting

Ten Leadership Lessons To Get A Jumpstart On 2022

If 2021 taught us anything, it was that the pandemic is here to stay, and in order to be successful, we must navigate this new normal.

African american woman holding video conference

Going Back Online: How Leaders Can Make The Most Of Virtual Meetings

For workers and leaders, it might mean re-evaluating the way you approach online meetings in order to maintain engagement and productivity.

Woman working at home

Productivity Anywhere: How The Hybrid Model Can Rewrite The Future Of Work

It is time to keep listening, planning, transforming, diversifying, and experimenting if we are to write a better future workplace into the history books..

business women smiling in front of colleagues at her desk

Three Ways To Boost Productivity With Autonomous Motivation

Bring your motivation to the forefront and help your productivity this year.

Business Meeting

Should This Be An Email? How To Plan More Effective Meetings

A classic problem… Identify this before it’s too late.

Team planning session informal

Why Values Should Be At The Forefront Of Your 2022 Strategic Plan

With the working environment changing rather drastically, how we plan should as well.

Group of business workers standing with hands together at the office

The Top Four Leadership Trends Organizations Need To Follow In 2022

2021 has prompted leadership teams to reconsider people priorities. Use these to align and support your team for 2022.

Pensive young man working on laptop at home

The Great Resignation: Why Employees Don't Want To Go Back To The Office

While some people welcome going back to an office environment, the reasons for those who dread it are varied and personal.

Brainstorming session with post it notes on desk

Three Ten-Minute Sessions To A Purposeful Plan For 2022 That Serves You, Your Team, And The World

Planning for the year can seem daunting. Use this framework to alleviate the pressure and reach your goals in 2022.

Happy diverse team with Indian business leader

How to Uncover Your Communication Blind Spots

We often say lack of communication is often the number one problem in the workplace. But, what if it was a symptom of the problem, could you find the cause?

Portrait of a successful entrepreneur at cozy home office, smiling at camera

Five Tips To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

Productivity tips that can be easily applied with great results for you and your team.

African american businessman tired of long time work on laptop

7 Common Mistakes Good Leaders Make That Cause Great People to Leave

Any good leader can identify toxic behavior to avoid at work, however some aren’t as obvious as we’d think...

Glad to work with you!

How To Build A Successful Work Team This Year

Collaboration has been key during the transition to the virtual workplace. With fatigue to this new work environment it’s important to look at different ways to get your team back on top.

making notes and using laptop computer

3 Note-Taking Methodologies To Help With Productivity

Everyone knows how to take notes, but are you doing it with productivity in mind?

Woman stressed - Working from home

Our Brains Need Breaks From Virtual Meetings

After a year and a half of going virtual, back to back meetings have been a common occurrence and a higher amount of productivity loss due to it!

female hands with coffee cup and victory sign sticking out from the blanket

Productivity Begins Before You Go To Work

Bring your best self to work by following three simple principles.

Business meeting sad expression negative gesture

Getting Rid Of Meetings In Four Steps

We’ve all been to meetings that should have been emails… Avoid the pointless meetings and/or share this with some colleagues.

Woman thinking planning touching chin at her Desk

Three Strategies For Designing Your Day With Productivity And Joy In Mind

Doing more with less is the issue we are all facing. However taking into consideration how you feel and ensuring a good state of mind will give you the next step up!

Video call, online conference. Over shoulder view

How To Lead And Win In The Hybrid Workplace

In a post-pandemic workplace, the real winners will be those leaders who listen to their teams and give them the support, tools, and resources they need to not just succeed but thrive.

Contemporary loft office

A Year Of Remote Work: Leadership Lessons For The Shift To Hybrid

Now that we have done this for over a year, the time to apply it is now.

 happy businesswoman relaxing in office

The New Normal Isn’t Remote Work. It’s Better.

Desperate for stability, our society keeps talking about “the new normal”, although should the discussion revolve mainly around where we work?

Woman explaining the plan to office team

Leadership Is About ‘Getting It Right’ Not Being Right

None of the critical components for leadership success is reliant on the ability to have all the right answers.

Working from home desk

The psychology behind why some leaders are resisting a hybrid work model

The workplace is returning to normal. Things are opening back up, but what should leaders really be thinking about when contemplating work from home or back to the office?

Old way vs new way

A New Era Of Leadership

The concept of leadership evolves over time, generation after generation, as the driving force of innovation in management.

web designer planning website ux app development on whiteboard

How To Create A Strategic Plan That Improves Your Company's Culture

Strategy is important, but are you going through all the necessary steps? A defined process will help you, your company’s and ultimately your clients’ lives, as well as your bottom line.

webcam conference with colleagues

How Inclusive Leaders Can Build A Collaborative Team In A Virtual Environment

The virtual environment is inherently siloed – be proactive in building an inclusive culture.

Business people team joining hands

Why Core Values Matter (And How To Get Your Team Excited About Them)

Your values and mission are what ultimately drive your team’s performance. Ingrained core values become the guiding light creating accountability, and more importantly passion for your team.

Webcam view people engaged in videoconference lead by mature businesswoman

Floccinaucinihilipilification: The Hidden Principle For Increasing Engagement And Performance For Virtual Teams

Yes, that is in fact a word. And what it has to do with you and your team is very interesting.

Two colleagues working from home

Remote Work Is Here To Stay, But The Future Is Hybrid

We can all agree that evolving circumstances demand answers. When it comes to adapting with agility and empathy—key themes for this year—determining the next best step requires checking in.

Successful businessman is sitting on the sofa, using laptop, making online conference

Three Things The Most Effective Leaders Will Do In 2021

Learning these three core practices will help ensure you and your team to tap into the very best of yourselves.

Bored and tired student yawning

Three Cures For Virtual Meeting Fatigue, According to New Microsoft Research

Virtual meeting fatigue is a real thing and you can do something about it.

Skeptic, unsure, uncertain, doubts concept. Young african student is making decision sitting at the office in casual smart

How To Plan Your Work Week For Maximum Productivity In 2021

Taking a step back to review how you plan to get the most out of your week.

Business woman making video call and showing thumb up to laptop on the online briefing

Meetings Aren’t What They Used To Be. Here’s How To Make The Most Of It.

A new breed of business meeting is emerging, defined less by agendas and pie charts—and more by human connections.

A woman on a virtual meeting with colleagues laughing

Five Ways To Increase Team Morale While Working From Home

The calendar says 2021, but it still feels a lot like 2020. The pandemic continues to rage. As we look forward WFH will continue to be the norm. And your team might be starting to feel it...

Tired and overworked business woman

Work-From-Home Burnout: Causes And Cures

Cozy clothes all day. No commute. Freedom to do house chores while on a conference call. Ahhh the joys of working from home…But remote work isn’t the only thing that has been on the rise...

Portrait of one woman refreshing during summer heatwave

Why Working From Home Is So Exhausting—And How To Reinvigorate

COVID-19 have caused fundamental changes in the ways we work. You’re also likely to be exhausted, but you may not understand why.

Male employee reading data from computer while working at home with a clock on desk

5 Time Management Tips When Working From Home

Time management was a challenge during normal times. Now the pandemic has introduced a whole new set of issues.

Happy Black Woman Relaxing Sitting On Sofa At Home Placeholder Image

10 Tips To Be Happier And Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

If you’re like most people, you might not want to revisit the painful events of 2020, but we can change our outlook, and make 2021 the best year yet.

Stressed business woman working from home on laptop looking worried, tired and overwhelmed.

To Reduce Remote Team Burnout, Start Meetings With This One Simple Question

Working from home is causing many to be overwhelmed/fatigued. As leaders we need to be there to help our teams and it might be as simple as one question.

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