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The Priority Management Brussels Team has worked virtually for over 25 years enabling us to master web-based communication tools as well as the required etiquette to use them effectively. With technology having an ever greater impact on our work, how we combine tools with effective work processes to a great extent determines our level of success in today’s demanding workplace. We specialise in pragmatic live online training programs (reinforced by live online personal and team coaching and continuous learning) to "make it happen":

WorkingSm@rt (time, priority and workload management with participants working hands-on their own device). Participants report that they "gain an extra 53 minutes every day". Source: 2019 Program Evaluation Summary with feedback from over 2,400 companies and 32,000 individuals).

WorkingSm@rt in Meetings "This workshop helped us develop better processes to designing meetings and making the most of our time during meetings. It was also good to work with our management team to get a better understanding of what each person expects out of a meeting and work on ways to meet those expectations. "
Source: Australian Sports Commission

Priority Management Brussels has a diverse client base, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 type companies, and also includes non profit and government organisations.

Our Public Workshops

For those of our customers who want to get hands-on experience of our programs we hold public workshops throughout the year.

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Jun 5
Workingsmart in Meetings - Webshop.


We have just launched WorkingSm@rt using Microsoft Teams: creating Esprit de Corps by sharing a common purpose, implementing a common set of best practice principles and using common tools.

We are Qfor certified and through Alimento, the food and beverage industry can apply for subsidies when they work with us.

Call Anna Sigurdsson for more info: +32 (0) 495 161 641.