Priority Management Brussels

Priority Management Brussesls is part of the Priority Group (with corporate head office in Vancouver, Canada). We specialise in pragmatic training programs (reinforced by personal and team coaching, activation and continuous learning) to "make it happen" in three key areas:

1. WorkingSm@rt (time, priority and workload management with participants working hands-on their own device). Participants report that they "gain an extra 53 minutes every day". Source: 2016 Program Evaluation Summary with feedback from over 1400 companies and 25,000 individuals).

2. Project Planning Breakthroughs "Thanks to Priority Management the project came in 8.5 days before schedule and saved over GBP 2.45 million". Source: Total E + P UK Ltd. Programs make extensive use of challenging project simulations that are tackled by people working together in small teams.

3. Negotiating, Sales & Customer Service Breakthroughs "This was a case where we not only negotiated with the vendor but also found a solution in conjunction with them. This resulted in a win:win for both parties and a saving of $34,000 for Transocean".
Source: Priority Management - Negotiating Breakthroughs

Priority Management Brussels has a diverse client base, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 type companies, and also includes non profit and government organisations.

Our Public Workshops

For those of our customers who want to get hands-on experience of our programs we hold public workshops throughout the year.

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We are now Qfor certified and through Alimento, the food and beverage industry can apply for subsidies when they work with us.

Call Anna Sigurdsson for more info: +32 (0) 495 161 641.

Are you struggling to use or implement Microsoft Project effectively?

Talk to us about our powerful learning programmes, MS Project Fundamentals and WorkingSm@rt + MS Project .

Call Anna Sigurdsson for more info: +32 (0) 495 161 641.