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Customer Service & Selling

Be prepared to provide the best service experience to your customers

Achieve optimal results from a portfolio of customers, through effective use of sales cycle processes and tools and understand the complexities and requirements of nurturing a lasting relationship with high-value clients and key accounts.

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Increase customer satisfaction to create long-term fans and advocates

Learn how to effectively meet customer service objectives, exceed customer expectations, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Since each and every contact with a customer is a "moment of truth" for your company, understand your pivotal role in achieving your organization's financial and marketing objectives. Master the skills to treat customers on the basis of their "lifetime value", strengthening relationships and meeting and exceeding standards and expectations. Enable two-way communication to avoid misunderstandings, minimize problems, and collaboratively work out mutually-beneficial solutions.

Selling Breakthroughs
Keep your customers satisfied to create lasting relationships

The secret to making a successful sale is knowing what, why, how and when your audience wants to buy. Learn the processes and stages of both buyer and seller simultaneously to understand how to apply sales skills and behaviors that accurately match the buyer's state and motivations. Understand how to use your expertise confidently to positively influence outcomes and meet both the buyer's and your own requirements. A sale isn't over until your client knows that the solution to their business problem is you and your product or service.

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Master this vital link between customer satisfaction and sales.

Prepare yourself with the right response using a proven process that assures customer satisfaction and a positive outcome. Learn to strengthen customer relationships by creating a plan for effectively handling every call, whether a request for information, a question, or a complaint. Gain skills that enable you to answer and respond with confidence, and capitalize on opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell. And learn how to gather valuable feedback and collect market intelligence to enable you to anticipate customer needs and exceed expectations.

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Telephone Sales Training
Significantly contribute to your company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process

Learn how to make outbound sales calls more effective while building strong customer relationships for your company. Ensure that inside sales people at your small- or medium-size business proactively plan, manage, and implement phone-sales campaigns that generate revenue and a create lasting, positive impression on your customers.

Gain the skills to confidently demonstrate your product and service knowledge, enabling you to sell on value versus price. Learn how to proactively service your customer base, complete transactions that satisfy both your customer and your company, and handle resistance with aplomb, while nurturing relationships for repeat business.

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Create significant and interdependent supplier-customer partnerships

Gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities of servicing "key account" customers. Learn strategic and tactical skills and processes to effectively identify and anticipate their requirements. Become skilled at strategically managing key accounts, gaining supporters for your initiatives and influencing decision-makers, and ultimately evolving a customer/supplier relationships into a preferred sales or partnerships.

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Become an indispensable intermediary between your company and customers

Achieve optimal results from a portfolio of customers. Learn proven processes and skills to analyze, classify, and allocate appropriate time and resources to help you plan call cycles, account development and prospecting activities. In addition, gain in-depth knowledge in account management, planning, profiling, territory analysis, prospecting and influencing.

Maximize customer relationships by taking personal responsibility for territory planning and activities. Increase selling opportunities by scheduling prospecting tasks, call frequency and call objectives.

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