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We are in the PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT business. We work in four areas of expertise focused on ACTIVE experiences and skill acquisition.

Workload and Priority Management
Project Management
Selling & Negotiations
Customer Service

Priority Management is a world leader in management training and organizational development with 55 locations worldwide. Since 1980, we have developed and delivered a highly effective suite of training programs to over 3 million professionals across the globe. For over 3 decades we have serviced organizations of all sizes - from small to medium sized businesses to Fortune 500 firms - helping individuals and teams work smarter, find greater work-life balance, and improve their overall productivity.

In our flagship Working Sm@rt courses, we tailor our proven productivity processes and time management best practices to Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, IBM Notes, Groupwise, iPhones and iPads, so you can leverage the technologies within your organization and discover a better way to work!

Our Public Workshops

For those of our customers who want to get hands-on experience of our programs we hold public workshops throughout the year.

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Jan 20
Working Sm@rt using OneNote.


We are honored to be recognized by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber - "10 under 5" - listed as an exceptional business to watch as part of their 2015 Business Awards.

Priority Management's Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook has been selected by Microsoft to train their managers and professionals how to leverage Outlook to increase productivity! Shouldn't you?

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