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PDU Points Courses and Why They Are Important

Date Published: Mar 29, 2023

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a credential recognized around the world. Offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a PMP certificate demonstrates that the holder has a significant working knowledge of project management concepts. Obtaining a PMP certificate requires that a candidate pass the PMP exam, have at least four years of project management experience, and once certified, earn continuing education credits.

Earning professional development units (PDUs) not only maintains your valuable PMP certificate, it also keeps your skills razor-sharp through the discovery of new innovations and perspectives within your industry. Learn more about PDU points courses and why they are important for governmental organizations in need of qualified project managers.

PDU Points Courses and Why They Are Important

The Advantages of Maintaining a PMP Certification

PMP certification remains active so long as you acquire 60 PDUs within three years. The cycle begins on the date the credential is awarded. Here are compelling reasons why taking PDU points courses is beneficial to the individual certificate holder and their employer.

For the Individual

1. Enhances Skills as a Project Manager

Knowledge is power. The more you know as a project manager, the better one you will be. Improved project outcomes under your direction as a result of learning also instills a greater sense of job satisfaction.

2. Improves Salary

It’s simple: PMP-certified project managers earn more than non-certified counterparts - in fact, 20% more on average.

3. Better Job Prospects

Whether you are looking for upward mobility within your organization or elsewhere, an active PMP certificate increases the likelihood of advancement.

4. Demonstrates Job Dedication

Earning and maintaining PMP credentials demonstrates a clear commitment to your profession, and in turn, increases your employer’s faith in your commitment and abilities.

5. Stronger Professional Network

Having a PMP certification grants you access to an international network of other similarly certified and dedicated professionals. This generates outstanding information-sharing and networking opportunities.

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For the Organization

1. Finding and Maintaining the Best

With so many project management job openings in government organizations today, identifying and holding onto talent is mission-critical. Filtering candidates and employees with active PMP certification gives you greater confidence during the hiring and promoting processes.

2. Implementing Efficient Approaches

PMP-certified employees will have the most up-to-date skills they can apply on-the-job. The implementation of novel project management techniques typically equates to improved efficiencies and project outcomes.

3. Meeting Project Deliverables

A PMI-accredited project manager is more likely to meet project deliverables in every critical element, including timing, budgeting and quality.

4. Improving Team Collaboration and Work Culture

PMP-certified staff enhance team collaboration and overall work culture with their elevated know-how.

5. Creating a Leadership Pipeline

By encouraging employees to maintain their PMP credentials, especially by paying for or offering PDU points courses, you can build a stronger internal pipeline for qualified leaders.

Tips on PDU Points Courses

Accumulating your credit requirements is a cinch with these tips:

1. Make Sure It Is PMP Accredited

Not all project management courses are accredited by PMP, so double-check beforehand that it translates to PDUs.

2. Double Up on Points

There are several categories for amassing PDUs - one being training courses and another being studying project management materials. In other words, if you are taking a training module, studying related materials outside of the course hours can count towards your PDU points - double up!

3. Think Outside the Box on Topics

PDU points courses do not have to be specifically on project management. Instruction on best practices in communication, information-sharing or maximizing the use of software applications may all qualify.

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Look No Further for PDU Points Courses

The reasons for keeping up with your PDU requirements are clear. For individuals, an active PMP certificate confers significant and ongoing growth opportunities. For government agencies struggling to obtain and keep qualified project managers in a complex working landscape that is shifting due to hybrid work, budgeting expectations and more, identifying PMP certificate holders is a must.

But finding the best PDU points courses that accelerate abilities in real-world circumstances is not always straightforward.

Priority Management offers a full complement of PDU points courses on project management and related topics. For over forty years we have been entrusted by government agencies and companies around the world to increase the skill sets of project managers for tangible and measurable positive outcomes.

Priority Management is a worldwide training company with 55 offices in 15 countries. We have successfully trained more than two million graduates in Priority workshops. Our programs help companies and people be more effective and manage their workflow in and out of the office by providing tools, processes and discipline. Simply put - A Better Way To Work! Clients range from Fortune 500 companies, small-to-medium businesses and government/military employees.

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