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Seven Signs of Highly-Productive Employees

Date Published: Dec 28, 2022

High-performing employees are the backbone of a successful organization. Supervisors need not worry when a high performer is on the case; their superior skills will carry them through the project with flying colours. High performers need little supervision thanks to their being independent, self-directed and innovative.

Since high performers are so valuable, how does a manager go about identifying them? Often their abilities speak for themselves, but there are some high performer traits you may not have considered. Below are seven signs of highly productive employees to help you recognize and nurture the best of your staff.

Seven Signs of Highly-Productive Employees

1. Self-Directed Starters

Productive employees do not rely on supervisors to complete projects. When hurdles appear, high performers grab the reins and perform the research necessary to produce a quality final product.

In addition to being resourceful on the job, high performers find ways to expand their skill set. They may seek out others within the organization for learning opportunities, or attend training programs, evening classes, or read related literature. Being self-directed and independent, they take the initiative to learn new methods of working to bolster their abilities and career path.

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2. Persistent Problem-Solvers

Rather than shirking from challenges, high performers meet them head on. They remain positive and focused on breaking down the issue and addressing it methodically. Their systematic approach involves asking the right questions, seeking different perspectives, and reading relevant information. Staying clear-headed and avoiding feeling overwhelmed, they are able to discover several paths forward and choose the best one.

3. Master Time Managers

This probably comes as little surprise, but good time management is one of the major signs of highly-productive employees. Staff efficiency can be the difference between a good year and a great year; time is money, after all. High performers understand this adage and put it into practice day in and day out, working as efficiently as possible.

Highly-productive employees consistently hit deadlines, are on time for work and meetings, and avoid falling into procrastination traps, like doing unimportant work first, messaging friends or messing around on the internet. You can count on them to perform at peak levels and complete tasks within scheduled time frames.

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4. Operations Aficionados

A high performer has their own system for staying organized and focused. They will harness the full power of applications that organize work, such as email and collaboration programs, for their personal maximum efficiency. They will be excellent at prioritizing, blocking off time for tasks, managing email and messaging, and filing away electronic and hard-copy documents.

Knowing that they must relax and recharge to work at their peak levels, high performers will also take breaks throughout the day, put boundaries around work time and take time off. All taken together, they have a personalized operations plan that puts them in full control of their work.

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5. Feedback Welcomers

One of the key signs of highly-productive employees is their openness to feedback. All too often employees’ defences go up when feedback is offered. Even employees who do not become offended may not incorporate the feedback into their work, thereby losing out on a growth opportunity.

On the other hand, high performers view feedback as a mechanism for elevating performance. They welcome and even request feedback. They accept constructive criticism as essential to evaluating their efficiency and identifying areas of improvement.

6. Super Communicators

No man is an island, as the famous saying by John Donne goes. High performers live by this, understanding that nobody is entirely self-reliant and operating in isolation. We all rely on each other in every aspect of our lives, including in the workplace.

A highly-productive employee builds strong relationships with their co-workers. They seek to understand them as individuals and how everyone fits together to create a working team. A high performer fosters the collaborative process by playing to others’ strengths and being diplomatic during differences of opinion. The foundation of any form of collaboration is naturally communication.

One of the key signs of highly productive employees is being a great communicator. High performers know when and how to impart important information to team members, appropriately using communications tools such as email, direct messaging and virtual meetings. This greases the wheels for seamless work integration across the team and related departments.

A high performer’s solid communications skills also extend beyond the organization, allowing them to successfully work with vendors, partners, contractors, and other key stakeholders to the benefit of the organization.

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7. Unflagging Optimists

We all face problems on the job. Roadblocks great and small invariably arise. And simply showing up and being your best self every day is a challenge in and of itself. Having an optimistic outlook is half the battle in constructively managing major problems, and thriving in what can be the daily grind.

A high performer has a positive mindset that gives them a leg up over fellow workers who become pessimistic or overwhelmed. In addition to their cheeriness buoying their own work, high performers lift the whole team. Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious, brightening the working environment around them and inspiring others to follow their optimistic lead.

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