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Ten Leadership Lessons To Get A Jumpstart On 2022

By Melanie Fine

Date Published: Jan 3, 2022

Hoping for a 2021 that would bring us out of the pandemic and back to business as usual was short-sighted. If 2021 taught us anything, it was that the pandemic is here to stay, and in order to be successful, we must navigate this new normal. How will that new normal manifest itself in 2022?

While no one can predict the future, leaders insist that we focus on what we can control, to be better prepared for what we cannot.

I asked ten leaders what they learned from 2021 that they’re doubling down on in the new year.  Here is what they said.

Ten Leadership Lessons To Get A Jumpstart On 2022

1. Trust, Knowledge, Accountability, and Transparency are the Four Pillars to Foolproof Leadership

“As a business owner going into 2022, it is imperative to build your leadership structures on trust, knowledge, accountability, and transparency. These are the backbone of any successful company and will keep your employees feeling fulfilled year after year,” says Andrew Valdez Johnston, realtor at Hulett and Associates Inc.

“If you are honest, conduct yourself in a respectful manner, and deliver what you promise to your team, when you promised you would do so, you can’t go wrong. The issues arise when people try to take advantage of their company’s talent to make quick cash.”

2. Work Together as a Group to Foster Connected Leadership

“In 2022, prospective employees are looking for leaders with collaborative tendencies,” says Victor Cuevas, CEO of Griffin Crowd Capital.

Employees “want to have a say in the policies and operations where they work. I am not saying that employees want to run the show. In fact, many prefer to stay away from leadership roles.

“By utilizing community thought processes rather than dictator-like leadership, business owners and CEOs can attract top talent in 2022. People want to work somewhere that they can be proud of because they feel like they make a real contribution and aren’t just a dollar sign in their boss’s eyes.

3. Stay Organized Between the Highs to Help Your Team Push Through the Lows

“What you and your teammates do between the great workdays is just as important, if not more so, than the days with big wins. It will be crucial in 2022 to continue to be passionate and focused about whatever you do so your employees and teammates remain inspired and driven through any lows,” says Nina Luke, founder and CEO of FST Investments.

“It is the boring, menial tasks that often trip us up in business. Big creative projects foster passion by default, but little things that hold a company together and keep the cogs turning require us to bring our passion to the table. Keep a daily to-do list and go over it with your team regularly to make sure everyone is on the same page. Respond to emails and get ahead on work when you can. Use the lulls to make the crazy days so much easier in advance. Be a productive and passionate example to your team for optimum success.”

4. Structure Your Business Well

“It’s important to view your business as not just a way to build wealth but as an impactful entity. The personal and professional influence of the decisions you make should be at the top of your mind,” says Douglas Eze, financial planner and founder of Largo Financial Services.

“It is crucial to invest in your employees to enable them to do their work well. Use a common-sense, pragmatic approach to this. Don’t overthink it. If you would like certain perks or benefits as an employee, chances are your teammates will as well. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes for the best overall result.”

5. Evolution is the Key to Leadership Success

“As we transition to a post-Covid era, we see trends in the average workday, unlike anything we are used to. Employees prefer to work from home, are concerned with mental health, and desire meaning from their jobs. These trends are an advantage to you with the right know-how,” says Stormi Banks, CEO of Pink Print.

“It can seem overwhelming at first, but learning to navigate through workforce trends will serve you well throughout your entrepreneurial leadership journey. Pink Print specializes in helping young female entrepreneurs find the resources they need to succeed in using these trends to their advantage.”

6. Use Focus, Authenticity, and Experience to Shape Your Business’ Leadership

“Ask yourself authentic questions.  Be true to what you’re sel