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Priority Management, a Business Skills Training Partner that Solves All of Your Training Challenges

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As your company’s training and development lead, you know that a successful training program requires more than quality instruction. Getting training buy-in from managers and ensuring employee attendance can be half the battle. The other half of the battle is ensuring that appropriate aptitudes are taught and that staff incorporates these skills into their daily work.

The good news is that Priority Management is more than a business skills training partner that shows up for class. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with clients to help them overcome all training challenges, many of which reside outside of the classroom.

Here are some tips for solving common speed bumps on the training path and how Priority Management can assist you in getting over them.

Getting Buy-In From Business Line Managers

You may have the perfect training module to skill up your workforce. But if supervisors have not bought into it, then it might be for not.

To secure line manager buy-in for training, it is essential to demonstrate the training’s applicability and benefits to the manager’s team and personal goals. For productivity training, connect the lessons taught to improve team efficiency and performance, and in effect, how this makes jobs easier for team leaders. Similarly, for career training, link it to company objectives and career advancement.

Line managers will also need training integrated into work schedules and have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) adjusted to accommodate training hours. In this way, line managers can prioritize learning without compromising on critical deliverables.

Finally, providing evaluation metrics and surveys to measure training success is crucial. Metrics like employee hours saved on specific tasks covered in training help substantiate the value of training and lay the groundwork for future sessions.

What Priority Management Can Do: Priority Management can provide you with materials to quantify your training investment, such as case studies and statistics on time savings by previous participants. We also provide critical follow-up metrics based on post-training surveys to show the exact amount of time and money saved as a result of training.

Locking In Employees Training Attendance

To increase training attendance, consider implementing these four key strategies:

1. Provide training that is useful and relevant to employees' jobs.

Conduct surveys to find out what workers want and need to learn, and create a training model accordingly.

2. Block off time for training during work hours to make it convenient for employees to attend. Incorporate education into work schedules and coordinate with teams to find suitable learning session times.

3. Foster a learning-oriented environment that increases the value of workplace training. Encourage employees to reflect on their work and share experiences during one-on-one or team meetings.

4. Support independent learning and promote a growth mindset for continuous development. Connect learning opportunities with career advancement, and unite this with organizational strategies.

What Priority Management Can Do: All of our training sessions are completely personalized for each group. We work with you in creating a training program that is relevant to employees’ jobs. Since many of our clients return to us for training needs, we can create a training plan that nurtures a culture of learning.

Upskilling the Workforce for Behavioural Change

A training provider plays a pivotal role in assisting a company with digital upskilling, helping them navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology to remain competitive in the digital era.

Smart companies rely on a reputable business skills training partner to tailor programs to their workforce’s specific needs and overall organizational objectives. They assess the existing skills gaps and design training modules to target those areas, with the clear aim that employees receive relevant and practical knowledge.

But effective digital upskilling does not end with the completion of instruction. A good business skills training partner offers post-training support, such as access to resources, continued learning opportunities and consultations, empowering employees to effectively apply new skills for lasting behavioural change.

What Priority Management Can Do: Priority Management excels in delivering on all of these points. Following our hands-on coaching curated for your team, we provide ongoing assistance to ensure that participants use their knowledge for the betterment of their performance and the company’s growth.

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Solve Your Training Challenges Today

You want results from your training in the form of tangible, measurable improvements. You need this for company profitability and to demonstrate your competence as a training and development leader.

Priority Management stands with you.

All of our efforts are designed to generate real-world, on-the-job behavioural change. We want our clients to succeed in meeting their training goals, and for our training partners to shine.

Priority Management has been providing curated workplace training programs to companies big and small around the world for over 40 years. Find out why so many organizations rely on us to deliver on their training objectives.



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