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Unlocking Team Potential: A Case Study on Elevated Teamwork and Communication

Takeda Training on Microsoft Teams Significantly Boosts Productivity  

Takeda is a global research-based company focusing on pharmaceuticals. A large company with a massive footprint, Takeda employs about 30,000 people worldwide and markets drugs in approximately 100 countries.  


Takeda’s Rare Business Unit based in the UK was struggling with reduced productivity resulting from poor communications and information-sharing protocols. Specifically, the group was inconsistently using Microsoft Teams. As a result, team members missed key messages and were overwhelmed by notifications. They also lost considerable work time searching for documents due to a siloed and non-standardized filing system.  

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Training Approach

Priority Management worked with Takeda’s Rare Business Unit in developing a successful training program that overcame their workflow challenges with these steps: 


Tailored Content 


Every Priority Management training is fully tailored to the needs of the client. In the case of Takeda, they answered a pre-training Microsoft Teams Experience Survey to identify strengths and weaknesses in their usage of Teams so content could be highly targeted. 

Established Best Practices 


One of Takeda’s roadblocks in maximizing the benefits of Microsoft Teams was the lack of established best practices for the group’s usage of the application. The group’s specific workflow was discussed and guidelines were created to optimize the group’s usage of Teams. 

Clarified Tools 


Like many applications, Teams is loaded with tools designed to improve organization. This plethora of features can be overwhelming for the user and actually contribute to disorganization. Training content for Takeda therefore focused on reviewing the tools most applicable to the group’s workflow and clarifying how and when to harness these tools. 

Follow Up for Emphasis 

After any Priority Management training, instructors provide training and guidance to ensure user adoption of new skills and protocols. This essential follow-up solidifies concepts introduced during instruction. Takeda benefited from individual online coaching following the initial training session. 

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Training Results

The results of the Takeda post-training survey, given to all participants, illustrate how much time has been saved on specific tasks, as well as improvements to their work-life balance:

Software applications are only as good as how they are used. Providing software training tailored to a group’s working needs connects the dots between the benefits an application can provide in theory and benefits it confers in the real world. 


For Takeda, the training streamlined communications and information sharing. This not only reduced administrative task workload, allowing more time on value-add work, but also boosted group collaboration, synergy and morale. 

WorkingSmart Results at Takeda


Improvement  in using TEAMS for Communications


Improvement sharing & managing files


Improvement  delegating/ assigning work


Reduction internal emails

“Simplified some key team collaboration skills, and file sharing. It was also great to discuss the opportunities with the team and decide how/what to use .”

“Excellent trainer for an online class. Brings the delegates together by utilising great facilitation skills. As well as learning MS Teams skills, I also picked up hints and tips for chairing virtual meetings.”

“The training allows more alignment, collaboration and efficiencies. Opened up a whole new world of managing my comm's and tasks.”


Transforming Work Flows
& Taming TEAMS

Whether you're a department, loosely knit workgroup or an existing team, this workshop will take you through an important set of processes and tools to develop essential team skills.

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