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Bridging the Generational Divide

Generational differences have existed since the dawn of time. In essence, one might say that the generational divide is founded in the ability or inability of individuals to engage in change. The root of the problem lies within each generation's set of rules. The rights and the wrongs, the values and the ethics, norms in society. All of these define a path for individuals, a focus, and ultimately the ability to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. For societies to thrive, there must be order and predictability. A set of rules to ensure that members of society can exist in harmony. The ultimate desired result is a group of people following a pre-defined path which ensures societal success.     The truth is norms change with time. It is humanity's insatiable appetite to discover, learn and grow that creates the tension between the older generation and the newer generation. Simply put, we are all self-centred, which is to say we see the world through our eyes and we call ourselves normal. By extension normal is right and if you do not see the world the way I do then you must be abnormal and thus wrong.     It is this simple train of thought that creates the discourse between the generations as they each stand true to their norms not willing to seek to understand before being understood.     At Priority Management we work to help individuals, teams, and the organization at large understand that to bring together a diverse group of individuals one must start at the beginning. In this case, it is being able to work together to define what are the norms for the organization in very clear terms.     Once an organization has been able to engrain these norms into daily behaviours then conversations and behaviours move from one's set of principles and values to those of the company as a whole, leading to better cohesion and collaboration, paving the way to the success of an organization.     ​