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The Two Questions That Will Help You Choose Between The Best Employee Training Providers

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Choosing the best employee training provider can be the key that unlocks your company’s profitability and growth. Maybe you - the HR/Development lead - have narrowed down potential training partners. But what factors play into the final selection? There is a lot riding on this, including costs, time and esteem from your colleagues.

Below are two key questions to ask candidates and the responses the right employee training partner will provide.

1. How Will Your Employee Training Improve Our Efficiency?

The ultimate aim of most of the best training programs, regardless of what skills are being taught, is increasing efficiency. Become more efficient, become more profitable.

The right workplace training provider will explain how their instruction translates to your team’s improved effectiveness. The training partner will be able to cite specific instances, including past work with other training clients.

The magic words you are looking for in your training provider’s answer are behavioural changes. It is not enough to teach someone about folder and search features to triage email, for example. Behavioural changes take learning a step further. It delves into the how, why, when and what of skills. The key ideas center around:

How is this feature or skill important?

Why should you use it?

When should it be applied in your workflow?

What are the use case best practices - again, specific to your work environment?

Note that a great training provider truly teaching behavioural changes will teach according to your unique situation. It is about talking to clients before, during and after training to curate instruction to the needs of the work group, rather than teaching general ideas non-specific to working conditions.

Here’s another wondrous thing about behavioural improvements: they have a compounding effect. Get better at triaging email and become a better communicator, while freeing up your time for more value-add work.

The short answer is to find the best employee training provider that speaks that language of behavioral improvements, and has the track record to back it up.

The Priority Management Difference: We are all about behavioural improvements; they are at the core of our work. Everything we train on is centred around ensuring our clients realize real-world outcomes. We back it up too with our ROI reports measuring real-world success and time savings. And we collaborate closely with pre- and post-training to ensure you get the results you want and deserve. Learn More

2. How Will Your Employee Training Enhance Our Growth?

A worthy training provider will not only bring about behavioural improvements but can engender organizational growth. Growth will be evident in the short term as your workgroup’s efficiencies take shape through time savings, enhanced collaboration and creative problem-solving. But your growth should not stop and start there.

A great training provider can facilitate medium- and long-term growth too. By creating a multi-part employee training program tailored to your company’s needs, you can reap the bridging of skills gaps across all divisions and the strengthening of inter-departmental cohesion.

The right provider will also have a unique ability to forecast emerging trends in the marketplace and labour market. With this foresight, they can anticipate shifting needs in your workforce and develop the best training models in accordance.

This anticipatory training insight gives companies the critical advantage of staying a step ahead of the competition. Skills gaps are avoided before they emerge and solutions are established before problems fully present themselves. And you know what comes from that… opportunities, expansion and growth.

The Priority Management Difference: Many of our clients are repeat customers. They trust us to produce training modules for all of their personnel regardless of position or department. They have experienced first-hand the power of our growth-powered style of instruction and return to us again and again. They also know we keep our ear to the ground with a network of international training partners in contact with industry leaders and entrust us to tailor employee training to emerging trends to remain highly competitive and growth-oriented. Learn More

Behavioural Improvements for Efficiency and Growth

Do you see now what separates the great from the good?

Priority Management is simply great - a head above the rest.

We have been conducting personalized training for companies big and small around the globe for over 40 years. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our instruction is fine-tuned to bring about behavioural changes in your company that can be quantified and measured. Realize the efficiency, profitability and growth you seek. Let us be your partner in realizing those goals. Contact us today



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